Sara Lurie finds beauty and humor in everything from the morbid to the mundane. Her distinct painting style combines familiar symbols, such as flowers and guns, and incorporates them into an intricate collage of provocative imagery. Sara found her love of painting in 2010 as she faced the challenges of sobriety and found a way to channel her demons into art. Using mixed mediums and acrylics; she found an outlet in meditation and uses the practice to influence her artistic subjects.

Her work is both inviting and repelling in its raw and relatable themes of sex, desire, balance, and chaos. She has the uncanny ability to manipulate images people already have a connection to and blur the traditional boundaries associated with those images.

Sara lives and creates in the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles where she is continuously evolving as a self-taught artist. Through her art, Sara has found an outlet for her unbridled sexuality and dark fascination with the world around her. Her complex paintings embody her complex spirit: creepy and mysterious, crude and humorous, charming and bold – all at the same time.

“I’m striving to turn the noise in my head into something tangible on canvas…
while I’m painting is the only time my mind is silent.”